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AkitaBox ROI Calculator

Ready to find out how much you could be saving with AkitaBox? Fill out the following questions and we will send you your final report based on your answers.

What industry are you in?

How many facility employees are at your company?

What is the average hourly rate of your facility employees?

On average, how long does it take to onboard a new employee (months)?

How much time does each employee spend searching for building or equipment information each week?

How many overtime hours does each employee work per week on average?

How much time does each employee spend traveling looking for information per week?

How much time does each employee spend waiting on instructions per week?

How many work orders that get worked on per month are duplicative or unnecessary?

How many total hours per week are spent filing/documenting paper work orders?

How many total hours per week are spent building reports on maintenance work (costs, logged hours, work orders completed, etc)?

How much is spent monthly on rework due to lack of information?

How much is spent annually repairing building equipment that is still under warranty?

What was your total operations budget last year?

What percentage of your work orders are reactive/corrective?


How many hours a month do your building teams spend completing building inspection tasks?

How many hours per month do you spend compiling and generating building compliance reports?

Leading up to and immediately after a survey, how many overtime hours does your team put in preparing for or correcting citations?

Real Estate

What is the total square footage of your portfolio?

What is the average lease price per square foot that you charge tenants?

What is your current Net Operating Income (NOI)?

What are your current capital reserve levels?

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We are crunching the numbers now and an AkitaBox expert will be in contact with you within one business day with your AkitaBox Savings Report.

AkitaBox Savings Report

AkitaBox Savings 1 Year Savings 3 Year Savings
Worker Productivity $ $
Administrative $ $
Operations $ $
Total Savings $ $
Total Hours Saved Hours
Potential Long Term PM Savings $
Disclaimer: These calculations are an estimate and do not guarantee savings. These estimates are meant to help you determine whether you desire to move forward with building infrastructure solutions with AkitaBox. There are many factors that may effect your actual cost savings. Cost savings may differ.


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C6 for $

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